A new 'pub' culture

about 2 years ago
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The moment we say, “pub” the picture that comes to mind is dim lighting, smoky atmosphere, clinking of glasses and the very distinct smell of alcohol. Well, a pub is a place where people meet and spend time, usually over drinks. But what if you like the atmosphere of the pub but are a non-alcoholic?

New York has come up with just the place for such people. Getaway is a very stylishly designed “pub” but is 100% alcohol free. This place caters obviously to those who want to enjoy a night life but without alcohol. The “bar” is a 0% alcohol space, which means even non-alcoholic beers are not allowed. In US, even those beverages labelled as ‘non-alcoholic’ has 0.5% alcohol by volume or less,  which means many popular non-alcoholic beers aren’t actually alcohol-free.

Getaway, which opened in April, is part of a growing global wave of nightspots that specifically cater to people who are avoiding alcohol, but still want to go out and socialise in spaces that have traditionally been dominated by drinking. 

In India, we have the Udipis and the street corner chaiwallah…

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