A slice of the world at home

about 2 years ago
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A mother and daughter duo, Soraya Postel and Fabia Postel, sat at home and yet travelled all over the world, gaining more valuable insights than all of us put together.

They both have a unique way of living life and earning a living. They host people from all over the world into their one home. They give tourists from all over the world a home stay which is more personal and homely, creating a different experience for their guests.

They customized their bedroom with maps, small pamphlets on the various non-touristy places one could travel to. A folder on all the places you could order from late at night if you are hungry. They designed their own tours within the city, showing places that many haven’t heard of, meeting people and befriending them with simple acts of kindness and a smile.

They have nursed a British who needed medical attention and is now the closest thing to a grandfather for Fabia. They have helped an Egyptian man with Visas just so that he could stay a little longer in India to write an exam that would change his and his family’s life and he finally did top his exams. They opened their doors to a German who now calls Soraya his Indian Mother. 

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