Another one to go extinct?

about 2 years ago
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If photo albums are today a thing of the past, the bigger truth is that photo studios are nearing extinction. The ones which are around might be the last generation one. In this era of selfies, where is the place for a photo studio?

The studios, even those which continue to live-on have the same old backdrops – too-blue skys, fountains, mountains, gardens and swans. There was a time when a photo studio was the only place you could get a family picture done; then came the click-and-go kind of cameras but now, it is all on the mobile.

Despite the ease of getting a picture now, the pleasure of slowly going through a physical photo album is undeniable. So many conversations revolve around these albums but today, when we have the photos at our disposal at all points of time, rarely do we go through it and even more rare is a conversation around the pics, evoking memories of some good time spent together.

Some photo studios are trying to keep up with the times by keeping pace with digital technology, offering “pinterest” or “instagram” worth pictures. But how many really take the effort to troop to a photo studio? Yes, photo studios are needed when there is a function – marriage or any major celebration but apart from that, they are dying a natural death of human evolution.

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