Being pragmatic

about 3 months ago
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There are many countries, slowly opening up their doors to tourists. Dubai today announced that tourists will be welcome from 7th July; many countries in Europe are already seeing Schengen tourists.

Almost all have stipulated the condition that the people coming in should get a Covid test done. Maldives in fact, despite your test coming negative needs you to quarantine and after they do a test, when it comes negative too, you are free to roam their country.

Cambodia has a weird but very practical condition - anyone flying into any of Cambodia’s airports will now have to present proof of health insurance with a cover of at least $50,000 (Rs38 lakh) and put down a deposit of $3,000 (Rs2.2 lakh) with a designated bank at the port of entry. This deposit is towards medical expenses they might incur during their holiday, which also includes the funeral!

Now this is being really pragmatic, isn’t it?

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