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about 3 months ago
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In today’s pandemic world, everything has become ‘virtual.’ Right from the school of your children to the spiritual guidance, everything is virtual. But owning a pet virtually?

Yes, its actually happening. There are many out there, who are working from home while juggling with household chores and keeping anxiety at bay. Some succeed while many are going through serious pangs of loneliness and depression.

Pets are always considered to provided many a sort of emotional support and that need is on the rise. That sense of being responsible directly for someone’s well being, even if not staying with you is what this virtual pet ownership is all about.

You can adopt a virtual pet from an NGO or pet shelter – choose the pet and then commit to providing financial support for its upkeep. The animal is taken care of by the volunteers and you get to ‘spend time’ with it through your smartphone or laptop everyday, at your chosen time. The provider see’s the pet, talks to it and tries to feel connected and responsible. The provider can also go visit the pet any time.

The cost – around Rs.3000/month and People For Animals is offering this service big time.

For the pets, this is good as they get taken care of, especially the stray animals. But how far this will help a human is questionable because nothing can replace the feeling of actually holding your pet – that connect nothing can give.

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