Bhutan shows the way

about 1 year ago
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We can learn so much more from a country as small as Bhutan. Time and again, they have shown the world why it is so important to focus more on values than growth and inflation alone. It was the first on this world to have an official Happiness Index and not a GDP tracker.

And another new lesson – realizing the importance of teachers, nurses, medical staff and doctors, they were given a salary hike to make them the highest paid civil servant.

As per the new salary hike, teachers with zero to 10 years of experience have been given a 35 per cent professional allowance, whereas a teacher with 10 to 20 years of experience has been given a 45 per cent allowance and 55 per cent has been given to teachers with experience above 20 years. In addition, as per a Bhutan Professional Standards, 10 per cent allowance is given to a proficient teacher, 15 per cent for an accomplished teacher and 20 per cent for a distinguished teacher.

MBBS doctors get a 45 per cent professional allowance while specialists get between 55 to 60 per cent. Nurses and clinical staff start at 35 per cent for 10 years and go to 45 per cent for above 10 to 20 years and then hit 55 per cent for above 20 years.”

As per the new salary structure “a grade P 5 proficient teacher (serving for under 10 years) and P 5 doctor getting 29,935 will now be earning slightly more than a P 3 civil servant getting Nu 28,315,” the report said. In addition to this, ” a P 2 grade teacher (under 10 years) or P 2 doctor getting Nu 46,835 is earning slightly more than an Ex-3 grade Director getting 44,120 in the civil service.” It added, “an Es-2 doctor with Nu 75,682 would make more than a government secretary getting Nu 73,845 basic pay while an Es-1 doctor with Nu 90,219 would be paid higher than the Cabinet Secretary at Nu 82,685 making it the highest paid civil servant position in Bhutan.”

Given the way we treat our doctors and teachers in our country, Bhutan is probably where they should head. After all it is the last paradise on this side of the earth.

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