Bizarre is the only word

about 2 years ago
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Sometimes we come across the most bizarre kind of inventions. While one must salute the enterprising human mind, quick look at some of these quirky inventions makes one wonder about the human mind itself! 

A Dracula light bulb which runs on human blood – it’s a one time use bulb where someone who has been foolish enough to buy this bulb, will first have to break open the top and use the jagged edge to cut onself and drain blood in to the bulb. There are some chemicals in the bulb, which when mixed with the blood will emit light. Seriously?

Then there were the sandals which have a built in metal detector, making it easier for treasure hunters! Another bizarre one was the Nose Stylus, a weird long nose attachment which is to be used to maneuver the touch screen of your phone or ipad when both hands are busy!

The latest was from Japan, where researchers have developed a talking fork that speaks different words and plays bizarre sounds while a person eats. The need for this product? Well, to inspire people to try different types of food and encourage a more varied diet and to be sued as a communication tool for couples!

Spending money on such bizarre and frivolous research is baffling. But then, every new invention initially seems weird and it is only later that it become a part of life. Though one hopes that these products do not become a part of life!

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