Can we have this ‘name & shame’ too?

about 3 years ago
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Now this is something which the Indian tourism minister should practice too; we want to emulate China is so many thing, so why not this?

Those who have travelled would have surely experienced Chinese tourists, at one point or the other. They are usually loud, brash and most of the times, rude. Yes, just like most of us Indians. And they too like us, are not much liked by people abroad, simply due to lack of proper etiquette, manners and basic civic sense. This behavior, in some people might change with experience and wisdom but in most cases, it requires some coercive or even punitive action.

Chinese Govt is doing exactly that. It has made an online blacklist of Chinese tourists whose picture wis posted – a name and shame tactic. There are now 16 individuals on this list of embarrassing tourists, which was launched by the China National Tourism Administration in January. Chinese citizens are encouraged to take photos or video of any bad behaviour they spot and pass it on to authorities. Any evidence of bad behaviour is then published online in a bid to embarrass the perpetrators and serve as a warning to others. The punishment for being on the "uncivilised behaviour" list also includes a ban from air travel. In 2013, China adopted a "tourism law" that required Chinese tourists travelling abroad to respect local customs. Now that is what we call a bold move!

By the way, there is a list of the world’s worst tourists – the top 10 worst is led by Americans, followed by British, Russians, Chinese, Australian, German, Indians come in a 7th rank, followed by French, Italians and Brazilians.

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