Cave men moving around!

about 3 months ago
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It has become a very common sight around India to see men with hair which seems to have sprung a life of its own and those having beards, looking like prehistoric homo sapiens living in caves. Some men have weird haircuts, what with novices like mother or sister or wife doing the haircut at home.

Barbers have been hard hit though they see business all around. Salons in some locations have been allowed to open but people are not visiting as most do not have the wherewithal to follow standard operating procedures and safety protocols during the pandemic.

But there is one man who is a hairdresser from Titwala but he has taken to the streets of Mumbai, giving free haircuts to needy children. He is putting his own life at a risk but feels that his small gesture will help the children feel better in a small way.

Everyone in their own small way is doing something to spread some goodness during these pandemic times.

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