Creativity takes off!

about 2 years ago
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Its all about creativity. If you an innovative idea, well, you can sell snow to even an Eskimo!

And this new restaurant is all about creativity. Known as Runway -1, it is an Airbus A320 and parked just off the National Highway-1 on Ambala-Kurukshetra stretch. This plane has been turned into a restaurant! Actually, there is one more such “plane” restaurant – it is in Ludhiana's Verka milk plant, on land leased out by state-run corporation Milkfed and is known as ‘Hawai Adda.”

This Runway-1 was an Airbus junked by Air India and the innovative eatery opened on November 27. It took the owners almost a year to get it together.

Runway -1 is parked on one and a half acre plot owned by a Shahbad based business family. Before they climb up into the plane, customers need to collect the boarding pass from the reception on the ground for meals. After that the visitors can go into the cabin of a 15-year-old aircraft model.

The cockpit has been turned into a 3D game arena for kids, where kids can get the virtual feeling of flying the plane. The entire staff, around 50 of them, are dressed in attire resembling ground staff and crew members.

Well, it is sure to be a hit amongst those who have not yet got an opportunity to fly in a plane; but for those weary executives, who jet set all the time, this might be the last place where they would want to go on a weekend!

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