Do we need this "list?"

about 1 year ago
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There are so many learning from the Covid pandemic. Apart from life lessons, setting our priorities right, we are slowly also learning a new way of education – online. Its not the best but its pretty remarkable that we humans have evolved and today, kids are having doing one form of the study or other while being home.

What we are also questioning is the very need to have merit lists. Recently, CBSE and CISCE announced their 10th and 12th Board exam results and it was without a merit list.

This is a great move – its on account of a circumstance but why cant this be the norm? What is the purpose of this merit list anyway, apart from putting unnecessary pressure on the child? And is making into this list really an achievement? Aren’t we teaching them a warped and skewed sense of achievement and validation?

Merit lists really do not achieve anything and in no way does it define our future lives? All the head honchos of companies, in India and abroad – is any of them a merit list holder?

We strongly feel that Boards must continue with the trend in the coming years, and ban such lists altogether.

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