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about 1 year ago
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Volkswagen has changed its logo. At a first glance, you will not even notice the change – it all remains the same except that from a 3-D blue and white V and W, it is now a flat, black-and-white symbol. The V is still stacked on top of the W, and both are enclosed in a circle. 

So why the need to change the logo at all? The company has said that the change was made to keep with the changing technology. The new logo has been designed with a digital presence in mind, meaning that the flat design will work better on mobile platforms.

Well, that is not good enough reason. The real reason, whether the company spells it out or not, is on account of the scandal. The company is, in some ways, trying to change its image and public perception. Volkswagen had used software in its vehicles to improve its test results, which resulted in a termination of VW's partnerships with roughly 40 global agencies, leaving just three in the basket.

The eighth-generation Golf will be the first production vehicle to display the new logo. The emblem is also said to represent Volkswagen's expansion into electrical cars. Anyway, its good to know it is changing….any change is always for the good.

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