Fasting gains fast pace

about 2 years ago
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The trend world over is that of fasting. Not dieting or weight loss. It is fasting.

Google search has reported that there has been a 10 times increase in “intermittent fasting.” And there are startups which are cashing in on this trend. Startup Hvmn sells a supplement that is meant to reproduce the positive effects of fasting on the body. Three tiny doses cost $99.

Another company, ProLon sells a package of soups, drink mixes, and bars, also promises to reproduce the positive effects of fasting by reducing a person’s daily caloric intake from the ideal 2,500 kcal to as low as 750 kcal. It costs $250. And they say that these products are based on productivity and less connected to weight loss and even less to do with spirituality.

And to think that we in India, do it purely for spiritual reasons and the sages of the age old times, recommended it both for spiritual as well as physical and emotional well being. It’s a pity that we always need foreigners to show us what ancient India has to offer – we prefer following them rather than use the primary sources available within Indian itself.

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