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about 25 days ago
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Japan most certainly is much different than the rest of the world. And this new way of dealing with the anxiety spiking up due to spread of Covid has all of us scratching our heads. Different is fine, but so different?

To get the mind over the scare of the pandemic, the idea is give them something scarier, something like using poison to kill poison.

A Japanese group, going by the name of ‘Scare Squad’ is trying to take people's minds off COVID-19 - by putting them in coffins surrounded by chainsaw-wielding zombies. People can lie in a 2-metre (6 1/2-foot) windowed box, listening to a horror story, watching actors perform and getting poked with fake hands and squirted with water. There are currently out-of-work actors dressed up as Zombies to make the scare all the more scarier!

These various horror experiences last for 15 minutes and in that time, all the screaming in terror pushes away the Covid fears.

Now isn’t that the most bizarre thing you have read today?

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