Veggies on a train

about 1 month ago
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Even now, major part of the fresh vegetable and food produce is transported by road. Maybe it’s a habit or lack of knowledge or simply logistically not feasible – the newly introduced Kisan Rail train for transportation of perishable goods to assist farmers is yet to pick up steam.

The first train was flagged off on 7th August from Deolali in Maharashtra to Danapur in Bihar. It has already transported 235.44 tonnes of produce including pomegranate, lemon, cauliflower, garlic and eggs.

It till now ran only once a week, making it not feasible for all farmers. Thankfully, the Govt has now increased the frequency to twice a week, operated from Sangola in Solapur district in Maharashtra to Muzaffarpur in Bihar, through Manmad in Maharashtra.

Hopefully, the farmers will start using the train more frequently than the road as it is not only cost effective but even in the hands of the buyer, it could come faster, fresher and with a marginal price dip. We only hope that the connections from the railway station to the sabji mandis are equally seamless or else, everything will come to a naught there.

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