Finally 'economy' getting pampered

about 1 year ago
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At a time when domestic airlines in India are doing everything possible to cut costs and make one feel as uncomfortable as possible with super-crammed seats, the American airline – Delta is actually taking steps to make flying for even the economy class passengers to a business class-like experience.

Starting Nov, Passengers travelling in all the main cabin economy on international routes – any flight longer than 6 hours or shorter flights with Delta One and Delta Premium Select cabins will get perks like hot towels while settling in, sleep mask, travel pillow. The guests will be personally greeted upon boarding and offered a “Welcome Aboard” bellini after take off, followed by that famous hot towel service. For meals, main cabin fliers will be able to choose their food from a menu of premium appetizers and larger entrees. Beer, wine, and spirits are already included on all international long-haul flights, but now, the team will come by after your meal to check if you’d like another coffee or wine. And it’ll all be followed by a second hot towel service. Economy passengers will also be treated to farewell chocolates, handed out during the descent. Passengers will also get the upscale Le Labo toiletries in their amenity kits.

Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? Apart from lack of space in the economy, Delta is trying to pamper the economy passengers, something which airlines across the world have forgotten. Maybe this is a new era in flying which Delta is ushering in world over and we seriously hope the trend catches up in India too as we pay fares which sometimes equal to a business class fare but get treated like cattle.

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