God save the world!

about 7 months ago
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The Covid-19 has changed so many of our perceptions – the spiritual truth that nothing is permanent is driven home so hard by this outbreak. The fact that we make plans for the future even in these uncertain times points out how naïve we all are and how hope remains our best friend even in times of fear.

And while on this spiritual questioning, we read the Tirupati temple too is taking steps to ensure that its devotees are safe and they do not spread the virus.

The number of devotees visiting Tirumala seem to be unaffected by the onset of Covid-19. The total devotees visiting the abode of Lord Venkateswara is averaging around 75,000 per day, touching close to 1 lakh during weekends, even in this atmosphere of fear.

With the advent of vacation, the number of devotee is slated to increase. To ensure the safety of everyone and contain the spread of virus, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) has advised devotees against visiting the Venkateswara temple even if they have even slightest symptoms of cold, sore throat or fever.

TTD is procuring thermal guns to screen the devotees before they entered the main temple. Apart from that, the entire staff has been provided with masks/hand sanitisers. Medical teams are on standby at the Alipiri security point and the main entrance to screen visibly sick persons and check their health condition.

This is what temples and all places of worship across the country need to do – this is the time to walk the talk.

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