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about 1 year ago
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Even as we in India are not yet quite sure about the Govt’s determination to go ahead the electric vehicles (EVs) target, Amsterdam is more than serious about banning all all gasoline and diesel vehicles from the city by 2030.

And it get there, it is going all out to build the necessary infrastructure to power a city of electric cars. Announcing its plans, the city, from 2020, will ban some diesel vehicles from Amsterdam's city center. From 2022, buses and coaches will only be allowed in the city center if they have electric or hydrogen-powered engines, and by 2030, all transportation in the city must be emissions free.

To get there, to power so many EVs, Amsterdam will require 23,000 charging points by 2025 vis-à-vis the current 3000 charging points at public parking spaces and 17,000 EVs plying on the road. 1,000 new charging points are being installed on its streets and anyone who buys an electric car will be able to apply for a charging point in their neighborhood.

Well, cities will Amsterdam will indeed achieve their targets as there is both political as well as societal will to succeed. And that’s the will we need in India…

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