Wisdom with age

about 1 year ago
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We living in the metro cities feel that for the big bucks that we spend on the children’s “international” school is money well spent. Maybe it is but sometimes, we come upon a school which blows your mind away with its much progressive workings.

Take for instance this school in Ernakulam in Kerala. Valayanchirangara LP is no small name – it is a 104-year-old government primary school and it is quite unique.

An all-woman team of teachers and staff run the school. Not just that – it has taken a step ahead in gender neutrality by introducing the same pant and shirt uniform for both girls as well as boys. All students from KG to the 4th standard wear the same knee length pant and a shirt.

Well, the school might be 104 years old but it surely is more progressive than many of the current crop of international schools!

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