If only more ads were like this....

about 3 years ago
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Undeniably, advertisements do have an impact and thus it is imperative that they are made with great responsibility; which is when ads are used to deliver a social message or highlights a wrong which needs to be corrected, what could possibly be wrong with that?

Well, apparently most of the times, when ads are used to correct a wrong, there is one faction (the one who does the wrong) which always cries murder.

Take the case of Iceland, the UK supermarket chain. For Christmas, it made a very endearing but hard hitting ad, which tells the story of a young girl who tries to help a baby orangutan whose home has been destroyed to create palm oil. But sadly, this ad will not be aired though its aim is to highlight the devastating impact that deforestation for palm oil plantations has on orangutans.

Why was it not allowed to be aired? Because the short film was originally made by Greenpeace, which breaches the rules against political advertising.

Cannnot help but imagine what a wonderful world it could be if all major companies decided to advertise and stand for what is just and right instead of only concentrating on the product. If consumers start taking an ethical stand, vowing to buy from companies which are just and support social causes, maybe that could change the current materialistic ads.

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