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about 3 years ago
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Summer is round the corner and it will soon be time to keep the AC on at all times to beat the sweltering heat, making you wish that even outdoors, everything was air-conditioned!

Summer is also the time when many decide to renovate their homes, given the school holidays. So if you are bothered by the heat and are planning to paint your home this summer, did you know that the color which you choose for your home will also decide how cool or hot it will be?  Just as colors affect the moods, with bright colors keeping you cheery and happy while dull colors subdue your moods, colors also affect the effectiveness of your AC.

Bijli Bachao, an NGO which provides you tips for saving electricity, dark colors will absorb heat and that means, the AC will take longer to cool. This means not just the color of the wall but if the curtains are dark, then too the AC efficiency is affected. Even if the cloths that you are wearing in the room are dark, they absorb heat and will take more time to cool. If everyone in the room is wearing dark jeans it means your AC is working harder.

AC efficiency apart, light colors like beige, white, shades of cream, also help in reducing the amount of light bulbs required to light up the room, as these colors reflect heat as well as light. So chose the right colors or else your electric bill will make you see only red!

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