It’s all in the name!

about 3 years ago
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Companies are big on superstition. If something works and turns out into a big success, you can be assured that it will stick to doing the same thing so that it does not break the “good circle”.

Take the case of Mahindra & Mahindra. Did you know that it names all its cars ending with the syllable “o”. Like Bolero, Scorpio, Xylo, Pantero, Maxximo, Genio, Quanto, Verito.   So why this fixation for the word “o”? Well, the company says that when Scorpio and Bolero met with thundering success, they felt that it was the “o” factor and thus decided to continue with it consciously. And now that everyone knows about it, this has become a sort of tradition for M&M cars to have names ending with an “O” and people now wait with curiosity for the next new car and its name. Thus for M&M more than superstition, it has become a part of its identity.

And do not think that only Indian companies follow such superstitions. Even Honda Motorcycle and Scooters India follows something similar and they end their products with “er” like Twister, Stunner, Dazzler, Trigger. And the ultimate name in luxury cars, Lamborghini also has some bit of superstition – the Italian car maker uses the names of Spanish bull fighters for all its cars – Aventador, Gallardo, Miura, Reventon. Rolls Royce also uses ghost names and its cars are named Phantom, Silver Ghost.

Also, did you know that most car companies themselves are named after their founders like Ford, Rolls-Royce, Austin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Renault, Citroen, Honda, Toyota (Toyoda), DeLorean etc.

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