Making its own mark?

about 3 years ago
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It is rightly said that one should not punish a child for the sins of his parent. But what does one do when the child’s father is someone like Ramalinga Raju?

Now that’s a reputation which will haunt Sandhya Rao, the daughter-in-law of Raju. She has started a company – CallHealth, which she insists, is solely promoted by her. She has invested Rs.60 crore and proides, as the name suggests, health care services.  The management of the company is led by those who played a key role in the erstwhile Satyam and Emergency Response Services (108), which was originally the brainchild of Ramalinga Raju.

The CEO of the company is Hari Thalapalli, who was earlier Chief Marketing Officer and Global Head at Tech Mahindra. He has worked closely with Raju and was part of the founding team. Though others left, he stayed on.

One would have thought that Raju’s reputation would have followed and might have been a obstacle in getting people to work for them. But no such issues here – it already has some 900 employees on its roll. What this shows is that unemployment problem is so acute that reputation of the promoter is far away on the radar. But the same might be the case if CallHealth ever decides to go public. The market is not so forgiving.

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