Mumbai Police shows wit

about 1 year ago
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Usually, we do not credit or can even associate any witty social media messages from the police. But the Mumbai Police has indeed shown a great wit and sense of humour with its recent campaign. It has won over the netizens!

Using a very current topic, Nasa released pictures of the black hole on the 10th of April; a real eye catching meme.

Actually, the Twitter handle of Mumbai Police is well known for coming up with witty messages and this time around, the Twitter handle said, “Don't be 'pulled' into making a 'gargantuan' mistake! #SayNoToDrugs”. The picture was accompanied by a line of cocaine leading to a black hole, evidently talking about death in this regard.

The picture has an inset text that reads: “That white line leads to a black hole; don’t follow it.”

Netizens were thrilled with this and it has since then been retweeted and shared scores of times.

Just as the Mumbai Police have now lined up a set of followers for its witty memes, we hope and pray that they earn the reputation of being world class when it comes to their actual work – policing the city.

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