No eclipse in marketing !

about 3 years ago
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21st August in USA is a big day… it’s a day of solar eclipse and the entire country is waiting for it. This is one of the best things that could happen to the makers of the solar glasses.

On Amazon, the place where most of America buys everything, the glasses are sold out and those who had bought it much earlier, are selling it at over 10 times the price. And there are people desperate enough to buy. The one big company which makes these glasses – American Paper Optics has made 37 million glasses till date and is selling as many as 5 lakh glasses per day!  Another company, Rainbow Symphony has sold out tens of millions it says.

Hotels and rental cars have been sold out for months in many towns along the path of totality, where travelers can see the rare total solar eclipse. One of those cities – Hopkinsville, Kentucky – has adopted the name “Eclipseville.” In local stores you’ll find T-shirts and even a total eclipse moonshine. A wedding venue in South Carolina is getting a boost in business by offering a group nuptial – couples are going to take wedding vows at one time and hope to finish right at the time of the eclipse. Even the post office is trying to increase sales with an eclipse stamp, which reveals the moon when the heat of your finger comes in contact with it.

Tickets for an Amtrak train to see the eclipse in Illinois sold out in less than a day. And Royal Carribean has a total eclipse cruise.

What innovative thinking – a natural occurrence of nature and America surely knows how to sell this too!

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