North Korea and its claims

By Research Desk
about 4 years ago

Its like North Korea exists under a dark shroud, a thick veil. No one really knows what happens underneath it. We have to believe or rather nonchalantly read whatever news comes out from there – to believe or not is our prerogative. Thankfully!

It looks like with no one to judge the truth, North Korea boasts of a lot of “miracles”. First was the announcement that it has cured HIV and then another – it has destroyed Ebola! That’s not all – the former leader of North Korea claimed that he was the one who had developed the hamburger which is a staple around the world today. He also claimed that he had shot the greatest round of golf in human history.

And now the latest – it has developed an alcohol which gives no hangover. The Govt owned newspaper ‘The Pyongyang Times’ claims that researchers in the country have developed a ginseng-based liquor that will get you drunk, but not hungover.

The newspaper says that researchers at the Taedonggang Foodstuff Factory removed hangovers from the equation by replacing the sugar in the liquor with “scorched, glutinous rice.”

Well, are you going to able to prove them otherwise – be it the hamburger or gold rounds or HIV cure?

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