Power of Nelflix

about 3 years ago
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Yakult is a well-known Japanese brand, especially in SE Asia and Guf countries which has a concentration of Asian population. It’s a yogurt based drink, which seems to be a favorite with the population but maybe due to lack of fizz, it never really caught much attention.

But one Netflix series - “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,’’ where the characters are seen drinking Yakult has catapulted this ubiquitous drink in to blazing limelight. In fact the company which makes this drink is listed on the Japanese stock exchange and till now, it was down in the red and post this sudden interest, the stock price too has perked up pretty strongly. The demand is so strong that in some countries, that some stores ran out of stock. Such is the power of a Netflix series.

The power of Netflix was more than visible when the series, ‘Sacred Games’ took the country by storm. And this parallel digital medium, some times more powerful than even mainline cinema is here to stay and as can be seen, will dictate the trends. If it is not already doing so…

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