Recreating a piece of history

about 2 years ago
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Have you heard of a town which goes by the name of Muziris in Kerala? Maybe if you live in the state you might have but unlikely that most of city born and bred might have even come across this name.

Well, this town, now known as Muraccippattanam is historic and seeped in heritage as this was the most sought after trade center of the world known for its glamour and magnificence as ships and huge vessels across the earth docked in Muziris for spices, gems, silk, ivory and pottery. There is ancient literature, the Sangam Literature, which mentions Muziris and states that some 31 countries across Asia, Europe and Africa were engaged in trade with this town and nearby regions, sometime in the first century BC or even further beyond.

In a bid to recreate history and bring back Muziris into relevance, ambassadors of 31 countries will be coming down to Kochi in June for a expedition hosted by UNESCO in collaboration with the Dutch embassy. These delegates will visit the coastal towns once frequented by their forefathers and attend meetings from June 14th to 16th.

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