The Finnish dont talk!

about 2 years ago
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Every country and its people are unique, with each having its own nuances and things which are so typical. Like in India, a stranger asks for direction, it is not uncommon to see ten people give directions and with some even opting to drop you off there. Talking in trains, talking to strangers comes so naturally to most of us. Mind you, we are not counting in the new generation of today whose head is always buried into a device!

Thus it was quite strange to know that the Finnish people do not believe in small talk at all. If there is nothing important or new to talk, they prefer to keep quiet and if there is any matter of significance, they talk about it and that’s it. Trains in Finland are silent though packed with people as they simply do not talk.

This idea of indulging in small talk gives the Finnish people the jitters but socially, as things become more global, this kind of ‘silence’ does not go down too well. To help the new generation overcome this, many students are now being tutored in small talk like “How are you?” and the rest.

Maybe it is to do with the weather or the distances between places or the lesser number of people; just as the Finnish are quiet, we Indians and also the Chinese are probably among the loudest and most talkative.

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