The joy of reading.....stickers!

about 2 years ago
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Throughout the day, when you are on the road or travelling around the city, surely you would have come across a lot of stickers with smart quips and writings at railway stations, at food-stalls and sometimes at your kirana stores too. Ever wondered who takes the effort of penning these and making the stickers?

It’s a company which goes by the name of StickLit. That’s short for ‘sticker literature.’ A group of local writers and artists have come together and it’s their project – to build the world’s largest public library by turning delectable lines by writers such as Oscar Wilde, William Shakespeare into beautiful stickers, posters and murals that are pasted in public spaces.

With Indians reading so little of literature, it’s a great idea to give these classics in small doses at places where we as such are not doing much.

And StickLit is becoming quite a movement – last week, Shashi Tharoor’s words donned a wall at the Darjeeling railway station in West Bengal, endorsed by the writer. Salman Rushdie has also signed up. Surely a winner of an idea!

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