Time waits for no one

about 3 years ago
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If you look at things with a sense of humour, everything that we and the world fight about looks petty and funny. Take this one – a fight was brewing between the European Union (EU) and Britain over the “exact time” of Brexit.

The time was set – it is when Big Ben will strike midnight on 29th March 2019. That time is fine for Britain but what about EU? Its capital Brussels and there is a one-hour time difference. So the EU is saying, exit will happen when it becomes midnight in Brussels.

When time is of essence, Britain decided to compromise and now the exit will happen at midnight Brussels, while it will be less dramatic at 11 PM in London.

See, how time can play havoc? When time zones were designed, no one in their wildest dreams would have imagined that one day they would have to deal with such “time” issues. Well, time, time ki baat hai!

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