Too much stress on exams!

about 2 years ago
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This is “result” season ..something which parents whose children had appeared for their HSC exams are sure to know about.

It is a very stressful time for most as majority of us are “average” and only few fret about 90.5% or 90.10%. Children go through a lot of stress, pre and post the results. We lay so much emphasis on this one exam alone that every other achievement is lost. But take a look at Rifath Sharook. He scored “only” 62.5% in his HSC exams but his parents remain extremely proud.

Why? Because Rifath holds the distinction of inventing the world’s lightest satellite, weighing 64 grams and more importantly, it has been approved by NASA to be sent into space! He is all of 18-years old only. Do a Google on him and you can read about his achievements.

What does this prove? Don’t let the exam marks define who you or your children are!

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