Tweet is the way to go!

about 2 years ago
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People have taken to social media big time. Any news, good or bad, it is immediately captured on the phone and posted all over. Of course lots of it is fake news but sometimes, we do come across news which makes one feel good.

Instead of posting only complaints when cities get flooded, Sowmitra Joshi took to Twitter where he posted a picture of his Mahindra TUV 300. Addressing it directly to Anand Mahindra, he tweeted, “sir Hats off& thanks for giving us TUV 300, drived 4 ft depth through water.”

No one would have expected the Executive Chairman of the Mahindra group to respond but he did. He responded with a Tweet saying, "Glad to hear that, but please stay safe. Don’t push your luck too far…it’s not an amphibious vehicle.”

Now that is some very good advice and we only hope that he responds when there is a tweet about a failure too!

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