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about 1 year ago
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Where there is a will, there is a way. For all of us cribbing about having no space to do their thing, to workout, can take a lesson or two from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s city largest city.

The city, like all others, is crowded and congested, leaving little space for physical activity. To overcome this, every morning, from 5am to 7am, all those interested in fitness or wanting to lose weight or simply want to spend time outdoor, before the morning buzz of traffic begins, gather on to a wide stretch of road. It turns into a literal open air gym.

From 5 to 7 am the bridge over a railway track is a safe, social spot for anyone looking to burn some calories. Regulars say coming here helps them meet new people, spend time with friends and is a way to lose weight and look good.

There is no name as such for this fitness “club”. People just come, do their own routine, connect with others, sometimes spend time talking, some listen to music while walking. Thus no name and no structure, yet it brings so much joy to the community.

The session ends with a coordinated exercise when about eight pairs run towards each other from either side of the road. They jump in the air 10 times, clapping their partner's hand each time in a final burst of energy.

Well, we in the Indian cities do have such sessions but it’s always once in month or two and it’s more about celebrities and socialites putting in an appearance. Wish we all could turn our own small lanes into fitness zones in the wee hours of morning.

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