When life imitates art....

about 2 years ago
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You sometimes cannot help but wonder if art if an imitation of life or life is an imitation of art. The lines between the reel and real life often gets blurred, leaving us bewildered.

We might have scoffed at various heist movies in Indian as well as Hollywood cinema but looks like it does happen. On 30th July, in broad daylight, two thieves stole two priceless historical crowns and a royal orb, all dated around 17th century, from the Swedish royal palace and made a dare devil escape into oblivion, jumping into a speedboat moored below the Strängnäs Cathedral.

Its two days since the royal robbery but the police have no inkling about their whereabouts.

The stolen items had been locked in glass boxes and were on view to the public when the audacious heist occurred in the open church, where staff were working. No one was injured but surely the pride of the royals and people has been hurt badly.

Well, they say that there is no perfect crime and maybe soon the Swedish police might come up with a missing link. But even if they do not, the big question is whether they will be able to offload their loot at a price worthy of their crime. We have seen too many heist movies and always in the end, the thieves are caught. Let’s see if here the real life follows the reel life.

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