Where there is a will.....

about 2 years ago
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Making a will is always a tough decision. More than what to leave for whom, the reasons are more emotional because in many ways, it is an acceptance of one’s own mortality. That, for many is a scary option and for many, the decided path of life the moment we are born.

Thus in this day of digitization and computerization, it comes as no surprise to see that we now have the concept of e-will. Yes, no need to look for a lawyer and go through the process of registration and worry about confidentiality. E-will is being offered for the first time in India by HDFC Securities in three simple steps – first register on HDFC Securities website. Then list down the list of assets, stating who should get what and then pay up Rs.4000+taxes and your done! If your list of assets and relatives is compiled this process does not take more than 30 minutes to complete. And it comes with a guarantee of confidentiality of information.

This service of e-will is being offered in collaboration with WillJini, its legal partner which will help you write a personal "e-will" online in about 30 minutes without any phone calls or emails or meetings.

Wonder how does one leave behind for relatives a treasure trove of memories, loads of fragrances, tonnes of blessings and love?

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