Why do we litter?

about 2 years ago
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Today, no place in India is remote; the moment there is something written about a far flung place, Indian tourists run there in bus loads. And probably now with Udan, this reach will be even more pronounced. Sometimes that’s a good thing but when majority of the Indian tourists are irresponsible, this reach might be the death knell of the few remaining pristine and clean spots in India.

Take the case of Mawlynnong. It is 100 kms from Shillong, well known for its natural beauty but more importantly, it is famous as the cleanest village in Asia. The moment this news went viral, people booked their tickets and got there. So far so good. But then the tragedy began. People might not be littering in the village itself because it is so immaculately clean that you simply cannot bring yourself to just throw litter. But the urges let go once you leave the village. Sadly, the road leading to the village is littered with mounds of rubbish – all city garbage of wrappers, plastic bottles, tonnes of plastic bags and such. Thus for a small village like Mawlynnong, hasn’t this reputation become a curse?

The question is – why do we Indian’s litter? What makes us throw wrappers and bottles and all sundry onto the roads and footpaths with gay abandon, with not even the remotest sense of guilt or shame? When we see a sign abroad saying , “Do not Litter” we take it very seriously and do not litter. Why aren’t the same signs respected in our own country?

Thus be is Swachcha Bharat or any campaign, unless we Indians change out attitude towards littering, no Govt or no Modi can help.

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