Hathway Cable

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Hathway Cable

Hathway Cable & Datacom is entering the capital market on 9th February, 2010 with a public issue of 2.78 crores equity shares of Rs. 10 each, in the band of Rs. 240 to Rs. 265 per share. The issue comprises fresh issue of 2 crore equity shares and an offer for sale of 77.50 lakh equity shares, by 2 investors.


The company is a cable television services provider and cable broadband service provider offering analog and digital cable television services, across 125 cities and towns, with about 13.47 lakh subscribers for analog cable television and 10.02 lakh digital cable television subscribers, as on 30th November 2009.


The company has been consistently incurring losses on the net level from FY05 onwards till 6 months ending 30-09-09, and the total net losses incurred in these 5 and half years have been at Rs. 304 crores. Though the topline of the company has been showing an improvement having moved to Rs. 673 crores in FY09, from Rs. 209 crores in FY05, but what is the point, if net losses are also on an increase with rise in topline. Net loss of Rs. 36 crores in FY05  has moved to Rs. 63 crores in FY09 and to Rs. 42 crores in 6 months ending 30-09-09. This means, the business of the company is like two railway tracks, which looks meeting at a distance but never meet.


Also, this company can more strictly be compared with Den Networks, a company recently went public and share now ruling at Rs. 186. This company has similar business model, similar business objectives going ahead but on a much larger scale. Though, this company has presence in 77 cities for analog and 37 cities for digital, but have cable television in about 10 million homes and about 3 lakh digital cable television subscribers, as of Dec. 08. Due to this, even its topline is quite respectable at Rs. 725 crores for FY09 with net loss of just Rs. 15 crores. For 9 months ending Dec. 09, its topline is at Rs. 633 crores, with net profit of Rs. 13 crores. Also, this company does not have baggage of past losses and debt. Even equity base of the company is reasonable at Rs. 132 crores against expected equity base of Rs. 143 crores, post IPO, of Hathway.


Hathway is mainly giving exit to its PE investors and alongwith this, raising about Rs. 500 crores, as its existing debt equity ratio is already over 1:1, as of date. Post IPO, even at the lower band, its market cap will be about Rs. 3,500 crores and EV will be about Rs. 4,000 crores, against market cap of Rs. 2,500 crores of Den Networks.


So by any standards the issue is not worth considering, as comparable peer with better fundamental is available at Rs.186.


Just give a pass to the issue as it is highly expensive and proposed IPO proceeds will go in blackhole.

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