ADAG Q4 Disaster Q4 numbers- Media and Fund Managers are not even talking of it

By Research Desk
about 3 years ago

ADAG (no need to define this abbreviation, as wounds of investors are still Green) companies having posted Q4 numbers can only be called disaster, with Reliance Capital, Loss before Tax of Rs. 9,114 cr, on total income of Rs. 19,308 cr, for FY 21. Reliance Home Finance Loss before Tax of Rs.2,303 cr, on total income of Rs.840 cr, for FY 21. Even R Power having posted miniscule PBT of Rs.412 cr, on total income of Rs. 8,389 cr, for FY 21. having mobilised Rs. 11,000 cr from Public in January, 2008.

Strangely, no such losses were reported by Media (or conveniently, these wealth destroyers were pushed under carpet) by Media, while all such Fund Managers, have gone missing, who used to release Buy Reports, religiously recommending buy on ADAG stocks, as late as 2016, calling them as Debt Free, Growth, and Value buys. It also reminds us of Reliance Home Finance listing, when Research Head of a leading Business Channel, gave its valuation on listing (hive off from R capital then) with start of valuation matrix of PBV at 3x and more.

It is usual of vested interests Media, who have seen throwing interests of retail investors' for a toss, for brotherly Fund Managers. Ritually, such shameless people can atleast have UTHAMANA, a ritual performed for a departed soul.
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