HDFC Ltd - seen better than 24 carat GOLD POT

By Research Desk
about 3 years ago

HDFC Ltd saw a marginal decrease in recent MSCI rejig, but share price rose by couple of percentage, as FIIs are seen holding 72% stake in the company. Long Only Funds, not strictly adhering to MSCI allocation, are seen buyer on every fall, who keep view of decades on such stocks. HDFC Ltd has no Promoter and 17% stake is held by MF, Insurance Companies and other institutional investors.

Looking to its growth record, HDFC Ltd, as  at 31-3-2022, will have an EPS of Rs. 140 per share, with Book Value at Rs. 1,100 on consolidated basis. This translates in a PE of 20x and PBV of  2.55x.  HDFC Ltd has an unrealised gain of Rs. 2,52,910 cr on its investments, as at 31-12-2020, which works out at Rs. 1,405 per share. HDFC Ltd keep booking part gains every year, which is included in FY 22 EPSe of Rs. 140 per share.

Probably, this Financial Superhouse, being promoter of HDFC Ltd. HDFC Life and HDFC AMC (presently 3 listed subsidiaries) is seen the cheapest and best stock for next 2-3 generations as well. But, strangely, Funds buy this stock, but never recommend to retail investrors, so as, with vested interests Media.

Funny but True.

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