IOB & Central Bank Punctured - Media Mission Accomplished?

By Research Desk
about 3 years ago

Central Bank and IOB, both were down by about 6% yesterday. Can the so called reputed Print Media, having carried a piece on both banks having recommended for privatisation by Niti Aayog, will stand by their story? Or is it MISSION ACCOMPLISHED by coterie of Media and Few stock experts in helping Big Fish dumping both banks in last 2-3 days, having bought by the gullible retail investors? Cash volume of 136 lakh shares were seen in IOB and 124 lakh shares in Central Bank yesterday, indiacting that Big fish are exiting and gullible retail investors are still buying it. Sad, but looks a big net thrown by the Media and experts. 

Incidentally, Bank of Maharashtra (BoM) closed flat yesterday, inspite of weakness seen in last 1 hour across the baord. with cash volume of 94 lakh shares, which indicatesvolume een having dried up now,while we stick as most probable bank for privatisation.

Now new story has been planted by these vested interests, that Govt may not go ahead with 2 PSB privatisation, or may not agree with Niti Aayog names. Lot of vested interests, including Media, Investment experts and Social media are seen working for big fish, either causing losses to retail investors or not caring for them.

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