SSWL & Wheels India - Moving Auto Sector

By Research Desk
about 3 years ago

Automobile Sector is called the WHEELS OF ECONOMY. When Economy moves up, Auto Stocks are first to take lead in rising. But what drives Auto Sector or Auto Stocks?

Steel Strips Wheels Ltd and Wheels India Ltd, making Steel Wheel Rims for PV, CV, Tractor, 2W, 3W, in Duopoly market are called Wheels of Auto Sector, by us.

SSWL was recommended by us at Rs. 1,508 on 3rd August, with 11 buy calls given in August, 21, with stock made life high on Friday at Rs. 1,958, having already given a return of 26%, in less than 1 month.Share closed at Rs. 1,900.

Wheels India was recommended by us at Rs. 521 on 24th May, with 32 buy calls given till date, with stock now ruling at Rs. 830, having already given a return of 60% in about 3 months.  

We are known for picking such multibaggers, for last over 2 decades.
Come and enjoy taste of our these ideas:)  

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