Yesterday's MG on Vedanta - Few Thankless Members Shown Their Colors

By Research Desk
about 3 years ago

But short, medium and long term view on the stock remains extremely positive or say bullish. Hence, one can book at 350-355 levels to buy it again at 325-330 levels, after a week or 10 days, to see the second round of buying after 9th December.

Low float and stake sale in PSUs by the Govt, with finacial bids likely  to get invited for BPCL in next month, will bring in new bullish sentiments in the stock.

These were the last 2 paras of MG carried here yesterday on Vedanta. But few lazy, oversmart, greedy (briefly called as thankless members here) members will only read heading and never take pain to read full text, while each word of article has its existence and meaning, which is written by us, taking huge pain, by burning midnight oil as well.

We have decided to put a halt on this section as of now, as got hugely upset, to see these thankless members wanting to sell  at Top and buy at Bottom, without knowing the meaning of it. In Astrology, if one has bought at bottom and sold at top, he is termed at peak of his life, to see downfall from thereon. Infact, these thankless members are then hide as Senior Citizen, Lady, Homemaker, Lack of Understanding of Article, with dis-respect to given time horizon. Infact, these thankless members want baby in less than 9 months, to spent lakhs of rupees thereafter on incubation.

We are not only giving stock calls, but give ethical ways to live in stock market and life, hence have about 90% respectable members, making money by following us in letter and spirit. Infact, sensible members and thankless members can be made out and differentiated by reading their queries itself. 

So, advice to thankless members to stop exposing themselves, and make a laughing point of them.


This is not a Buy or Sell recommendation, while stock recommendations are provided exclusively to our paid members in the Member Zone.


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