Tube Invst

BSE: 540762 | NSE: TIINDIA
Tube Invst (CIN: U35100TN2008PLC069496) operates in the Auto Parts & Equipment industry and has been listed in the stock market since 2nd Nov 2017. It currents trades on NSE with symbol TIINDIA and on BSE with scrip code 540762.
The registered office of the company is 234, Dare House, N S C Bose Road, ,Chennai,Tamil Nadu,600001.

The management team of Tube Invst is led by Mr. M M Murugappan who is the Non-Executive - Non Independent Director-Chairperson. Other members of the management team consist of Mrs. Madhu Dubhashi (Designation:Non-Executive - Independent Director), K Mahendra Kumar (Designation:Chief Financial Officer), Mr. Pradeep V Bhide (Designation:Non-Executive - Independent Director), Mr. Vellayan Subbiah (Designation:Executive Director), Mr. Ramesh K B Menon (Designation:Non-Executive - Non Independent Director), Mr. Sanjay Johri (Designation:Non-Executive - Independent Director), Mr. Mahesh Chhabrai (Designation:Non-Executive - Independent Director), S. Suresh (Designation:Company Secretary & Compliance Officer), .

The price and other financial information of Tube Invst is as below -

BSE 387 -0.9 (-0.23%)


387 -0.9 (-0.23%)
Volume: 387.00
M. Cap: 7,264.00
P/E: 29.12
Prev. Close: 387.90
52 Wk


388.05 -1.75 (-0.45%)
Volume: 6,603.00
M. Cap: 7,264.00
P/E: 29.12
Prev. Close: 389.80
52 Wk

Stock Price Chart

Shareholding Pattern

Category No. of shares Percent(%)
Promoters 8,98,89,599 47.89
NBFC and Mutual Funds 3,39,80,342 18.10
General Public 2,62,00,162 13.96
Foreign Institutions 1,89,44,895 10.09
Others 1,12,20,867 5.98
Financial Institutions 45,41,106 2.42
GDR 29,34,310 1.56
Total 18,77,11,281 100

NSE Trade Data

Trade Snapshot
VWAP 389.87
Face Value 1.00
Traded Volume (shares) 6,606.00
Traded Value (lacs) 25.75
Free Float Market Cap (Crs) 3,804.67
52 week high 434.00
52 week low 218.75
Lower Price Band 311.85
Upper Price Band 467.75
Security-wise Delivery Position
Quantity Traded 6,699.00
Deliverable Quantity (gross across client level) 3,118.00
% of Deliverable Quantity to Traded Quantity 46.54 %
Value at Risk (VaR in %)
Security VaR 5.29
Index VaR -
VAR Margin 7.50
Extreme Loss Rate 5.00
Adhoc Margin -
Applicable Margin Rate 12.50

Financial Data

Dividend Declared (₹)
The company has declared dividend 4 times between 22 Feb 2018 and 08 Jul 2019, totaling Rs. 2.00 so far. The most recent dividend was declared on 08 Jul 2019 for Rs. 0.75.

Financial Data Graph

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