Prataap Snacks goes "sweet"

about 3 years ago
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Prataap Snacks, which sells snacks under the Yellow Diamond brand rose to Rs.1325 today, up almost 6.5%. It has come off this intra day high level but remains firmly in the green.

The stock is in the limelight, celebrating its new launch – a sweet snack, it comes under the “Yum Pie” brand though it is launched through its wholly owned subsidiary which sells under the “Rich Feast” brand. It is a three layered sponge cake with jam and chocolate flavours.

The company has set up a fully automated manufacturing plant by its wholly owned subsidiary Pure n Sure Food Bites Pvt. Ltd. in Indore (M.P.) to manage the production of Yum-Pie.

Yum Pie is a 100% vegetarian product launched at an affordable price point of Rs. 5. The products have been designed and targeted towards kids in the age group of 4-14, available in orange, strawberry and mixed fruit flavours.

The company had gone public in September at an IPO price of Rs.938 and it got listed at a hefty premium at Rs.1250.

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