Zen Tech jumps over 6%

about 6 months ago
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Today morning, ZenTechnologies said that it has been granted a patent by UK Patent office for Containerised Tubular Shooting Range (CTSR).

CTSR is a Range-In-a-Container Solution where security forces can train their personnel rapidly and efficiently with much more effectiveness than conventional ranges. The system eliminates the need for huge swathes of land and the threat of environment pollution.

This product is expected to have a significant demand overseas where the sensitivity pertaining to ranges is very high. In India, it is being used in Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi and many other locations and also been exported.

The patent is expected to give the company an exclusive right to many foreign markets.

Zen Technologies is a defense training solutions provider and post this news, the stock gained over 6% to rise to Rs.95, not too far from its 52-week high of Rs.97 and also its 10% UC of the day at Rs.98.50.

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