Christian Garba????

about 2 years ago
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Can you believe it? Gujarat celebrates Christmas garba, just like the way they do in Navratri?

Christian Garbas are songs that are set to the traditional Garba tune, where the lyrics are in praise of Jesus Christ. They are played in church compounds and community halls, and sometimes in large grounds in cities like Ahmedabad and Surat, as men and women dance to them. Shamianas are erected in church compounds and there is often a large stage for the live performances. Dressed in their finery, men and women dance for hours together.

One of the pioneers of Christian Garba is C Vanveer, a Gujarati Christian composer and songwriter who lives in Mumbai. His first album released in 1993. And since then he has released five volumes of his album Taadiyo Na Taal Ye.

This Christian garba is one of the most beautiful forms of sharing cultural experiences.  Blending religion into the culture of a state is what diversity is all about, isn’t it?

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