Let’s be the “brain”

about 2 years ago
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A very long long time ago, India was considered to be the hub of innovation and students from around the world, used to come to study. To put it in today’s perspective, it was what America is to the world today.

But somewhere long the way, we lost track and after the British taking over, innovation was put on the back burner. Thus it comes as no surprise to know that although the number of Indian research journals has spiralled to over 21,000 in 10 years, they are sadly not making a mark globally; not even a single one.

And the blame for this lay fair and square on the country’s science establishment, academies and its top scientists. The tendency of today’s well reputed scientists is to avoid publishing in Indian journals and instead opt for outside India. In fact some scientists even go on to say that it is many a times considered to be below their “level” to review the manuscripts of other researchers for journals published in India.

There are many young researchers around the country who are willing to publish their research results in journals from India but  the fear which prevents them from doing so is that they would receive low or no scores for publications in Indian journals when their seniors evaluate them.

The scientists strongly believe and it is also the truth that the center of gravity when it comes to research remains in the West.

Wish our PM promotes “Think/Research in India” rather than “Make in India.” India should be the brain of the world and not just the limbs which work mechanically.

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