A resounding "woof"

about 2 months ago
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It was such a heart warming and happy story trending on the social media, we simply had to share it.

A Hyundai showroom in Brazil had a dog hanging outside its dealership for over a month. The employees got so used to having this dog staring inside at them that they decided to make the homeless dog, named, Tucson Prime an employee, right down to having an ID card around its neck.

This resonates with a story some time ago of another abandoned dog, Negao, who hung around a gas station and it too was hired by the employees.

Tucson’s designation at the showroom – Salesman, err, sales dog. Tucson has his fair share of fans, too, boasting an official Instagram profile—where you can see him chilling in his air-conditioned office and working as security from time to time, too—with more than 29,000 followers. Tucson even has his own accommodations inside the dealership. Nice!

Well we don’t know if Tucson has managed to sell any cars yet but his mere presence itself is such a positive message; with many coming in to see this celebrity, maybe the salesmen will indeed be able to clinch a deal or two.

Tucson is most certainly their employee of the month!

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