A sight to behold

about 1 year ago
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March is the time when people from all around the world, mostly from all over India, flock to the Tulip garden in Kashmir. Now is the time when these tulips will be in full bloom. Some 60 varieties of colour, in all hues and shades can be seen, almost like a carpet spread below the foothills of the Zabarwan Range on the banks of Dal Lake.  Rows and rows of tuplis, in such beautiful colours, swaying gently in the wind; it’s a sight to behold.

This time around, obviously, the garden is closed but the tulips are not scared of the covid; they are all in full bloom, their beauty continuing to spill over when there is so much gloom and doom around.

The Department of Floriculture Kashmir worked through the months and now the 80-acre garden has daffodils, roses, tulips and irises. In fact the department has put out pictures and even uploaded a video of the garden in full bloom.

Google for it and have a look; its what we all need, small dose of beauty.

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